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  ZARI Sparkling Grape  

ZARI Sparkling Grape is made of pure,cold-pressed, single-cultivar grape juice. It is lightly carbonated to provide the delightful sparkle, natural sweetness and bouquet which can only be found in the Cape Muscat Seedless grapes.

The flagship product is the ZARI Red and White Bubbly, with its pop cork top, perfect for celebrations likes weddings, graduations, birthdays and all life’s special moments. The Lifestyle variant with its convenient  screw-cap is for every-day consumption. They can all compete proudly anywhere in the world on quality and presentation and will add value and ambience to any function or table décor.

ZARI is a premium, natural beverage catering to the needs of an emerging new market who has discerning taste, is sophisticated, multi-cultural, ethical and health-conscious.
ZARI is named after the golden thread which is woven into luxurious traditional Indian and Middle Eastern fabric. In its elegantly designed bottle, ZARI Sparkling Grape juice promises to add all the cork popping glamour, sparkle and bubbly-opening ritual to special occasion, without any alcohol, added sugar or artificial colourants.


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